Stalford Advisors provides strategic advisory services to the real estate industry in the Los Angeles metropolitan area.

This specialization evolved from 25 years of our principals’ experience as the CEO of a residential real estate development firm. This focus on the real estate industry allows us to provide clients with an unique depth of advice.


Our advisory services provide Clients with :

1.  Transaction analysis

3.  Strategic planning for acquisitions & dispositions

4.  Strategic planning for debt & equity re-structurinG

5.  Strategic planning for entitlements

6.  Referrals to specialized consultants


Client Case Studies —


St. James Episcopal School of Los Angeles

We advised St. James Episcopal School of Los Angeles (SJSLA) regarding their pre-school enrollment expansion. The SJSLA plan involved overlapping local and state regulations. We drafted a strategy that met all regulatory requirements and allowed the student expansion from 44 to 60 children. The strategy created for this Project required interacting with the SJSLA architects, utilizing new Los Angeles Building and Safety Urban Parking Regulations and referrals to two government affairs consultants, who represented the Client to the City.


Korman Communities for AKA Beverly Hills

We advised Korman Communities regarding their AKA Beverly Hills property and their plan to convert from an apartment building to an extended stay apartment/hotel. The strategy developed for Korman involved interacting with the Clients’ legal counsel, architects, the City of Beverly Hills City Attorney, City Manager, City Planning Director, City Planning Commission and City Council. We referred the Client to a number of consultants for specific tasks to support the presentations to the City. Ultimately, after 12 months of work, the Project was approved by the City Planning Commission and City Council.